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10 Things to do during this lockdown period

Life is a beautiful gift of god. Always be happy, live in the moment and never worry about Past or Future. Everybody feel alone at one or the other point in life. Sometime you think this is the end, there is no way you could get past this problem. Rethink, you might be wrong, things feel difficult at a time which will never ever matter again. It’s all about time. It’s significance decreases with time. Love your life, Love your family, spend your time with your loved once and carry a positive attitude in life.

I know this lockdown has caused a lot of you anxiety and problems. You feel you are alone but that’s not true. Think about it positively, don’t feel trapped. Feel it like an opportunity to spend time with your family. Learn something fruitful. Read books – famous novels, comics, study books anything that interests you. And there are a lot more things you can do during this time instead of spending all day in bed and overthinking about life and problems.

Here I will list 10 Things you can do during this period which will be a lot of fun and will be a great way to utilise your free time.

Work from Home

If you have a job, which allows you to work from home , this is a very good way to utilise your time. What’s better to utilise your time in working, your schedule will be like normal days but instead of travelling to the job, you can work virtually. If you are not employed anywhere, why not you try an internship. Most of the internships are work from during this time. Some of the jobs which provides you the opportunity to work from home are : Content Writer, Digital Marketing, App Development,Typing Job, Marketing and Sales. If you are confused you can work with us. Click here to apply.

Learn a new skill or upgrade an existing one

What’s better than learning a new skill. Boost your resume by learning something new. One of the best way to learn a new skill is through online courses. Online courses help you to learn through online videos and provide you with content and study material. There are a lot of great courses you can learn during this time. If you wish to learn through online courses, click here to get courses at a discounted price.

Read a book

Books are our best friend. It helps you to learn a lot, improve your language and even add new words to your vocabulary. Great novels even entertain you with a great storyline. Books are even better than movies because they provide you a very detailed version of things. During the COVID-19 period, it’s better to stay at home and read all the exciting novels, magazine, comics and a lot more whichever suits your interests.

Organise a Rave App Party.

You might be wondering what Rave is ? Rave is a new way to watch videos and movies with friends on Netflix and Youtube. You can add your gang in a rave party and choose your favourite film. Try watching a horror movie together with your gang and see how fun it is ! Another great idea is to watch a romantic movie with your girlfriend ! Spend quality time with her.

Cook Something Great

Food is love. You must be already watching tons of insta story with self cooked food images. It’s a great way to utilise your time and even get something unique and great to eat. Try cooking together with your mom, I am telling you it’s a lot of fun.

Be crafty, Create Something !

If you are artistic, you can draw or creating something fun. Painting is unique way to represent your emotions. Drawing and even origami art can be done for passing your time.

Write Something !

Writing is the best way to express yourself. If you have interest in writing, you can start your own blog, you can even write your diary expressing your day to day activities. One such thing I can recommend you is to write a book or a novel. You can even try publishing it someday. If you are into cooking, you can even compile your recipes together.

Make Hand Sanitizers and Masks at home

Hand Sanitizers and Masks are very important during this time. Due to such shortage of supply in the market, it’s a great idea to create your own hand sanitizers and face masks. Here you can use the video to learn how to make your own hand sanitizer and face mask at home.

Make a Monologue

If you have some interest in acting, you can try making your own monologue. A monologue is a speech or a script of solo acting. You can either write your own monologue or act something from any bollywood or hollywood movie.

Play Ludo with Friends.

Ludo King which is becoming so popular these days helps you to play ludo with friends together and it’s a lot of fun trust me. Capturing your friends token in the game is a great joy. Try playing it together with your group, I know this will bring a lot of joy to you.

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