10 Wardrobe Essentials Every Guy Should Own

Being a guy, I know most of the guys don’t give much attention to their wardrobe and clothes. We have some selective T-shirts and Shirts, a couple of jeans, a pant. 1 Or 2 Formal suits, maybe a white shirt for interviews and that’s all. We don’t worry that much when it comes to our wardrobe.
In this article, I am going to tell you about wardrobe essentials that every guy should own.



A watch is definitely gonna spice up your outfit. Whether you have some selective options for clothing or a lot of fresh options. A classy watch will give you a nice, sincere look. You will look decent and professional with a classy watch. So, if you don’t have a perfect watch for your outfit yet, go buy one according to your taste.


white sneakers

High-quality white sneakers are a definite add on for your wardrobe. They are something that goes with a lot of your outfits and looks extremely cool as daily wear. Even with suits, people have matched their white sneakers. You have to maintain them though as they tend to get dirty due to its white color.


plain shirt

Solid plain shirts are an important part of your wardrobe. They can be worn as casual wear as well as formal wear. You can style them with jeans and pants. These plain shirts look extremely stylish, you can wear them in office parties, as daily wear, and even beneath your blazers or jackets.


distressed jeans

Distressed Jeans a part of 2010s fashion, revived back in recent years. They look extremely stylish. High quality distressed jeans look great and help you to get a badass look.



Sunglasses protect your eyes from harmful rays coming from the sun, dust, dirt, and other harmful gases. It also gives you a great look, hiding any nonuniformity from the face. So, the next item to add to your wardrobe essentials is the sunglasses. It’s scientifically proven that sunglasses make you look more attractive to others, so if you don’t have a perfect pair of sunglasses yet, go buy one which suits your face.



Chinos are one of the versatile types of modern wear. They are more stylish than a day to day jeans. They can be termed as a mixture of both casual and formal wear. Chinos are extremely fashionable and even comfortable, so can be worn for long hours.


Hats and Caps are also in the wardrobe essentials list. You heard that right, hats are still extremely stylish for men and look extremely cool on many occasions. Hats & caps can be extremely useful when you are too lazy to style your hair. Just wear a hat on a bad hair day. Baseball caps and hats are good options for a normal outing, casual meetings and in family outings or even on picnic day.



Winters are great for men. We have greater options and varieties to wear in winter as compared to summer. Jackets are one such article that first of all protect you from the harsh cold conditions and secondly, makes you look like a gentleman. There are a lot of varieties of jackets like formal jackets, sports jackets, leather jackets. There are all-weather jackets also which can even be worn in summers and can be worn during parties and casual outings.



When it comes to comfort and style, shorts serves your need. Every man should have at least two pairs of shorts, it can be a perfect outfit for the beach. You can style it with a cool T-shirt or even a plain formal shirt which is worn by a lot of people particularly on the beach. Shorts are a must for people who are living in humid locations.


rings and necklace

You don’t have to be a rapper for wearing a ring or a necklace. You can wear rings, necklaces, and other accessories in the right amount. It looks extremely cool and shows the crowd that you are someone with good taste. Just don’t overdo it. Keep it at the minimum, any fashion in the right amount looks great.

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