5 Quick Dressing Tips for a Stockbroker

A stockbroker is a person who manages buy and sell orders for stocks and other securities on behalf of clients. He earns mostly from the commission which varies from firm to firm. A day for stockbroker usually starts early around 6:30 to 7:00 AM with market research and ends about 6. His overall day is quite hectic and swift.

When you hear a person is a stockbroker, the first image is a guy in a suit and tie. As a stockbroker, you work several hours in your cubicle, spends a lot of time on the phone, and prefer casual clothes. There is a lot more than a suit and tie for a stockbroker.

A stockbroker should have sharp reasoning and persuasive skills, he needs to look sharp and appear convincing to his clients.
Here are 5 quick dressing tips for all the stockbrokers.

White Shirt, Pant and Tie

As a stockbroker, you will be on the edge for most of the days. You need to work hard from 9 to 6, attending calls every minute, convincing your clients, and researching about the market. Formal wear makes you look passionate and sincere. It is the most common attire for almost all stockbrokers.


Suits are worn by almost every stockbroker of wall street. They are like a uniform to them. Plain solid color suits look great and you look presentable in your workplace. So, you need to own a few pairs of suits to wear every day at your workplace.

Fleece Vests

Fleece is an insulating fabric that is highly breathable, light-weight, and machine washable. Seeing the nature of the fleece fabric, the fleece vests are very comfortable to wear for the stockbrokers. The hectic schedule of stockbrokers, hours of sitting at their cubicle requires some comfortable clothes just like fleece vests.

A very Light Colored Shirt, Black Pant, without tie

The tie is formal but not necessary every time. When you have to work continuously for long hours, wearing a tie is not the best comfort thing for a stockbroker. Any light color shirt work as an alternative to a white shirt. Obviously, you cannot wear a white shirt daily.

Striped Shirts with Gallace

Striped formal shirt with gallace and a tie can be worn by stockbrokers at their workplace. It gives you an authoritative image at work and you look so well that you are filled with confidence in front of the clients.

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