7 Most Popular Party Outfits for the young generation – Researched and Surveyed

Parties, who doesn’t love parties? We love parties so much that we party almost every weekend. For every party, we need some special and unique outfit to leave a great impression among the crowd. So, Almost Men decided to take a survey using google forms among the age group 14 to 24.
Through the survey, we are going to list the 7 most popular party outfit options for the young generation.

Survey Result is displayed at the end of the post.


A tux is just like a uniform for the party all around the world. It is one of the most common and popular partywear options for men of all age groups particularly in the prime of your youth. It’s a great option for the party host particularly. If you are a teenager and trying out a tuxedo, you should read this: guide on how to wear a tuxedo properly.


Some teenagers like it plain and casual. They don’t need to overdo it. They keep it to the minimum by carrying a casual look to the parties. Sometimes keeping it to normal is the best and most attractive thing. Don’t experiment much and spoil your normalcy.


Solid plain shirts look dashing on men of every age group. Minimalist fashion is trending for so many years and is not going down any time sooner. Plain shirts are fashionable and quite suited for the teenage and young generation parties.


Going with a check shirt and pants is formal and suited for parties. Some teenagers and men love check shirts as it gives them a mature look and represents sincerity. Teenagers love to be unique among their own generation. It is something different from the entire crowd of the party.


Denim jackets are strong and wrinkle-resistant, look fabulous worn during the young and the wild parties. Denim jackets are three-season jackets. It creates a distance from the formal suit and sports jacket, giving you a semi-casual look. It is made from tough jeans material and will last longer than you can imagine. So every teenager must have at least one denim jacket.
To know more advantages of denim jackets and the reason for buying them.


Just like tuxedos, Suit is also an evergreen outfit option for the parties. It is one of the most preferred choices of options for every age group. Several color suits can be worn for the party but black is the universal choice among the young generation. The adults prefer grey and brown color suits rather than black because they do not wish to stand out from the crowd like younger people.


A combo of the formal shirt with chinos is a slight variation than the traditional shirt-pant and shirt-jeans combo. Chinos are a smart alternative to jeans. Manufactured with strong and durable material, chinos can even be dyed in a variety of colors like black, brown, olive, navy, and many more. Jeans is more of casual wear while pants are more formal, chinos are a great option for teenagers as semi-casual wear. It is one of the most popular parties outfit choice for youngsters.

Parties are meant for fun and for socializing with different people. Making an impression can be a great deal if you do not appear presentable. Lack of outfit knowledge can lead to serious outfit blunder. But, you don’t need to worry as we are here to guide you towards perfection in every sort of way.

Survey Result:

Sample size – 35
Age range: 14 – 24 years

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