About us


My name is Shitij Dua. I am 20 years old. I was born and brought up in West Delhi, India. Currently I am pursuing my BTECH in Computer Science. The thing which brought me to blogging is firstly my love for writing, my fondness to connect with people through my words, and my admiration towards the lifestyle of successful entrepreneurs,celebrities and other successful men.


Okay ! So thank you first of all for reaching to   ALMOST MEN. You would get all the informative and engaging content about men lifestyle from all around the world. We will also provide you with tips for creating your own unique fashion style and trends. Moreover we will guide you in choosing the best wardrobe, style, accessories for each of your life events and even provide you with day to day fashion tips. We would help you in standing apart from the crowd.

We would be focussing on few of the major sections on men lifestyle like

  • Men Wardrobe
  • Hairstyle for men
  • Watches
  • Grooming
  • and a blog section based on great fashion traits of men across the globe.



My readers would mostly be the men from all age group, the main aim is to inspire them so that they could reach their full potential in terms of confidence and personality. I don’t want anyone to lack confidence, or even become nervous about the way they carry themselves in front of the crowd. Everyone should be confident to carry their own style. Instead of being a follower, you must be a trend setter.

I was always an introvert from the beginning of my childhood, having limited friends, always wearing what my mom chooses for me. No doubt after that I was always a little low on confidence, I felt shy in front of more than a couple of people. I watched various YouTube videos on men lifestyle and fashion which inspired me. I changed my hairstyle, my clothes & got some great pair of footwear and I was more confident than before. The change was gradual but I surely felt better when I tried different styles, trying to find my own look and the colours which suit my personality better.

Power Dressing  gives you a morale boost. You feel active and confident, you feel in command and always inspiring to others. People feel that the way they dress and carry themselves doesn’t matter if they have great intellect and respect for everything and everyone. Those things are very important no doubt, but having a unique style and attire shines your personality and character. You would have noticed that you feel a little great everytime you wear one of your new shirts, blazers , even a new pair of denim. Dressing is powerful, it fills you up with energy.


I want you all to get involved too. Don’t just sit and read, if you want to add something or correct something in my posts, you are free to do so. Comments are always encouraged. I would really love to hear from you and I will always be in touch with you guys. You can also mail me at infoalmostmen@gmail.com