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Are you always that weird guy in the room?

I always feel I am the weirdest guy in the room. I am an introvert, I find myself in a weird situation always. Whenever I am sitting with a group, there is always a situation that proves that I am a weirdo. Are you someone who can relate to my situation?

Let’s consider some situations –

I am at a restaurant with my friends:

stare the waiter

Firstly, we introverts rarely have friends but we do, So consider I am with my friends or my girlfriend sitting at a restaurant or a cafe. (Even weird people have a gf ). And it’s time to call the waiter for my order, And this is where I will show the world that I am a weirdo. Where most of the people will go with calling out the waiter with an excuse me! I will stare at him till death until he makes eye contact with me, then I will gently blink my eyes so that he comes towards me. But what if he never makes eye contact? That’s where the trouble begins when me a 6feet 1 person will call him in an unexpected low tone similar to a feminine tone. What if he never listens, never makes eye contact. So, should I shout? Naah! let’s keep staring the waiter of my life <3. More than just weird!

How do we act like that we really want to return our relative’s money back?

I know many could relate to me in this situation! Are you kidding, who doesn’t like the money? But we have to look sincere around our relatives. After meeting us after a long time, our relatives give us some money as a form of their blessings. We have to say no on that- (that’s mandatory OK!) But how to say no? Whenever my relatives hand me some money, I always look at my mother for the next step, and she stares me a little which is a signal to return the money back. But how to do so? This returning back of money results in a form of a physical quarrel between us and they force me to take the money. But me working as per my mother’s command applies a greater force which hurt my relative once a little time back before! From that day they just hand the money to my mother.

Afraid of Salesmen in Shops?

Have you ever thought the counter salesmen in the shops or supermarket to be more than just irritating? Ever just glanced at a shirt and there they are, running towards you, their eyes keep staring towards you, judging your financial condition. And they know that you won’t buy, I even know that I won’t be buying but can I not just spend some time glancing it! What bad I would be doing to you by just glancing. Let me live my life dude!

How to pose for the camera?

I believe my candidate pictures are the only ones I can bear to look at. How to pose for the camera is a really difficult question for me. I look horrible when I smile while looking at the camera. My teeth are not that good for the camera so, I can’t afford a grin. Where to keep my hands while getting my picture clicked. I just leave them hanging making me look like a totally clueless person.

I attract the crowd!

Yeah, I can bring together a lot of people’s attention to me! When I joined the gym a year back, I used to have a muscle imbalance, my posture is incorrect while lifting the weights. But how can the people in the gym be so helpful, I used to get like each and every person’s attention, they used to correct my posture, even the beginners, I mean c’mon guys leave me alone. Once during one shoulder exercise, I saw a group of people watching me with care from a distance. Their caring attitude made me emotional. Just kidding I was furious. Leave me alone idiots! Why the hell everyone wants to be an expert.

I had an accident with my own girlfriend!

If you are thinking I had an accident with her while traveling together, you’re wrong. I had an accident with her two-wheeler. Accidently, I hit my car to her two-wheeler. I am not kidding actually we just finished talking and she just started her two-wheeler, heading towards her home. But decided to wait for me. Me being on just a few days old driving license just learned to drive bashed her scooty with my car. Luckily it was on first gear and at a very slow speed. Thank God nothing bad happened, her leg was little twisted because of the scooter weight. I am still sorry to this day 🙁
How can I injured the person I love 🙁
Her scooty is fine too!

Just be yourself! It’s better to show your weird self then not being yourself!

Yes, I am a little weird but I really love you guys. Please leave a good comment, just kidding leave an honest comment and keep following Almost Men.

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