Trending Beard Styles for 2020

You are here to know all the fashion trends and I would be lying if I said beard is not one of them. Beard is one of the most popular trend among men of all age groups. Men have different preferences when it comes to facial hair. The main aim is to choose a style which suits your face and personality.

There are different factors to consider when it comes to facial hair. Not all styles are suitable for everyone because of different factors,  there are still some styles suitable for everyone.

The factors to be considered before styling your beard are:

  • Hairstyle
  • Face Shape
  • Hair growth, scanty or fuller facial hair
  • Profession- Workplace

If you do not take these factors into consideration, you may land with a style which may not suit you or is inappropriate.

Types of Facial Hair Preferences



A goatee is a style of facial hair incorporating hair on one’s chin but not on one’s cheeks. Almost every man can rock a goatee. It is also called the ‘Circle Beard’. It is easy to style and maintain.

Factors to consider :

  1. Hairstyles: It is suitable for long hair, messy hair, and any hairstyle at all.
  2. Face shape: This beard style looks good on any face shape.
  3. Hair growth: Do you have scanty hair on your face or fuller hair? This style isn’t picky.
  4. Profession : Student, office worker or any other Job you do, this beard style will give you a decent yet attractive look.

Anchor Style

As the name goes, this style has the shape of an anchor. It’s a Strip with beards on the lower Jaw pointed upwards. The pointy end stops at the jawline. Being able to maintain the edges is very important for the anchor style.

Factors to consider :

  1. Hairstyle: Any Man can wear this with any hairstyle.
  2. Face shape: Although Square faced guys look better on this style, any other Face shape do too.
  3. Hair growth: It doesn’t matter if you have scanty or full hair, you can style this too.
  4. Profession: Suitable for all.

Short Boxed Beard

To achieve this style, let your hair grow for a while. Just trim the outer sides to give it a rounded edge. The moustache should join with the beard in a rounded Corner.

Factors to consider :

  1. Hairstyle: Sleek, bald and curly hairstyles always look best on this style. 
  2. Face shape: Square and Oblong face shape guys are most suited for it. The fuller sides makes the face look more proportioned as opposed to longer beard styles that make the face look longer.
  3. Hair growth: It might be harder to grow for Men with scanty facial hair but it is easy for Men with fuller hair.
  4. Profession: Anyone can wear this style.

The Strip

An equal hair line from the center of the lower lip down to the jaw gives this style. No moustache needed. If you cannot go to the troubles of growing fuller beard this style is for you. It is easy to maintain and takes lesser time to grow.

Factors to consider :

  1. Hairstyle: Pixie or any short hairstyle go well with this style. Long haired guys may not look as good in it as compared to short haired guys. 
  2. Face shape: The round faced guys have found their match. It’ll look good on you better than other face shapes.
  3. Hair growth: As opposed to the short boxed beard, it is well suited for scanty facial hair.
  4.  Profession: Any Man can rock this too.

Chin Strap

Leave your beard to grow for a while and shave off your moustache and the surrounding hair. The remaining hair should be trimmed to have a rounded inner and outer edges.

Factors to consider:

  1. Hairstyle: Short haired guys look more charming in this style than long haired guys. If you wear a bald hairstyle well try this out too, I bet you’ll love it.
  2. Face shape: Square and round faced guys, here’s another style for you.
  3. Hair growth: Whether you have scanty or fuller facial hair, this will be suitable for you
  4. Profession: School, workplace, or any it isn’t picky.


Do you want to have a rugged look?
Check this out, leave your beard to grow for a long time, trim off the unruly edges and achieve an almost pointed downward edge. Do not shave off any part of the hair. It may not be easy to maintain but it is stylish.

Factors to consider :

  1. Hairstyle: Bald, long and sleek haired guys ,try this out. Bald guys actually look best in this style.
  2. Face shape: Any face shape would be suited for this style
  3. Hair growth: Fuller facial haired guys this is for you
  4. Profession: This is not really the gentleman look a student or office worker would love to wear. It portrays more of a rugged look.

Soul Patch

Shave every hair off leaving only a small patch just below the center of the lower lip. Easy to style and maintain.

Factors to consider :

  1. Hairstyle: Short or long hairstyles
  2. Face shape: Round or Square face shape look more attractive in this style
  3. Hair growth: Scanty haired guys this is for you.
  4. Profession: Suitable for any occupation.

Square Beard

This style looks like the Boxed style. The only difference is that here the side face hair is completely shaved off. It is common and trendy while easy to maintain .

Factors to consider:

  1. Hairstyle: Short or long haired guys this would look good on you.
  2. Face Shape: Square and Oblong face shapes
  3. Hair growth: Scanty or Full facial haired guys can try this out too.
  4. Profession: This is well suited for any occupation.

Handlebar Moustache

As the name suggests, the moustache is shaped to point upward and thin towards the end. The center of the moustache is shaped to form a V-shaped inside cut to give the shape of a handle on both sides. Older men wear this look more often than the younger fellows.

Factors to consider :

  1. Hairstyle: Short, curly and even bald haired guys rock on this style.
  2. Face Shape: Any face shape can wear this style too.
  3. Hair growth: Scanty facial haired Men may find it hard to achieve the fullness required for this style unlike the Men with fuller facial hair.
  4. Profession: Students and young men may not find this very attractive.

Choose your style and even let your friends know about all these different trending beard preferences.

Research and Writing Credits: Silver Chinwenwa Nwogu

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