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Creating a Wardrobe for the first time – Shopping Tips!

There comes a time in every guy’s life when he decides to change his look completely. This is the time when he is fed up of his clothes chosen by his mother. Now, it’s time for him to plan his first own wardrobe. Creating a wardrobe means time for Shopping for the lad.

If you are shopping without your mother or father for the first time you can ask a friend to accompany you. Men Wardrobe is not as simple as it sounds. Just like women wardrobe, we also need a lot to cover. In this blog, I will cover all the essentials items for creating your first ever perfect wardrobe.



Shirts are one of the versatile articles in men’s clothing. There are lot of varieties of shirts of different style and fitting. Shirts can be styled for any occasion at any time of the day.

A white shirt is a very important part of your wardrobe, it’s formal and looks great in interviews as well as under your blazer.

There are two main category of Shirts. One is the Formal and other is the Casual Wear Shirts.

While creating your wardrobe, every guy must have at least 7 Shirts in his closet for different life events. If you are someone who attends lots of formal and corporate events, you must focus more on formal wear.

In this case you can consider buying 5 Formal ones and 2 Casual Wear.

If you are more of a guy, who lives far away from a corporate life and is more into hanging out with his own circle. Attending family functions and parties sometimes in an year.

In this case you can consider buying 5 Casual ones and just 2 Formal Wear.


Next in creating your wardrobe is your trousers. First pick two dark coloured Denims – blue and black are most common and matches with most of the clothings. Make sure your jeans fit perfectly on your body. Add Formal Trousers, which can be combined with shirt as well as blazer.

Next in the list is something informal like Slacks,Khakis and even Shorts. Add something comfortable yet stylish like Khakis. Add at least one pair of shorts which are very casual as well as comfortable.


T-Shirts are the most popular garments in the world. Traditionally it has short sleeves and round neckline known as crew neck. T-Shirt manufactured with good material gets better with age, its fabric begins to feel soft over the time. Try to buy plain colour T-Shirts like black, white, navy and green. They look extra stylish and gives you a great feel. If you are fit and have a good body type, you can try V-neck T-Shirt to give you a more masculine look. You can even try a Hensley Shirt which is a collarless pullover shirt with round neckline.

Every Man should have at least 7 T-Shirts in his wardrobe collection.


It’s time to buy the big items now. Every guy must have at least 2 of each of these clothing. The difference between these three is – Firstly suit is the most formal one, it is a kind of jacket with same trouser material. Sports jacket comes in a variety of light colour build with rugged material. These are quite casual and can even be paired up with a jeans. The blazer comes between these two clothing which is not that formal and not that casual.


If you live somewhere which has extreme weather condition, you can style yourself with a high overcoat. This is not just for protecting you from extreme weather but also to get compliments. Buy 1 Overcoat, if you live in extreme weather condition, so that you could wear it often.


Time for buying a versatile pair of footwear for you. You need to have three sorts of shoes. One is the casual wear, other is the formal one and at last is the Boots.

Casual Shoes

When it comes to casual shoes, there are a lot of varieties like Sneakers, Loafers, Chukka Boots and even Double Monk Straps. White colour sneakers look great with wide variety of outfits but collects lots of dirt. Black colour does not show dirts and looks great too.

Loafers are not having laces, hence are flexible, easy to wear and can also be ultra stylish.

Formal Shoes

When choosing the formal shoes, you need to be sure are you a person who dresses to much ? Or are you a kind of person who does not dress up too much ?

In the latter case casual loafers are a great options. If you wear suits alot, you need to find a pair of shoes that works well in suits, Monk Strap, Oxford and Derby are great options for formal shoes.


Boots are also a great option for men, they can be styled up with jeans. It look cool and ultra- stylish. A pair of boot can take you to work to weekend with ease. Some of the great boots are Clarks, Greenland, Timberland, Grenson and Belstaff.


After getting all the perfect piece of clothing and footwear, now you just need the perfect accessories to match with your outfit. Watches, Sunglasses, Pocket Square, Tie and belts are some of the essential accessories you need to take care of.


Whether you are a keen on a pair of Aviator or Wayfarer. Choose a sunglasses that fit your face and style. Sunglasses can give you a great look, it also protects your eyes from strain, dirt and sunlight. Don’t choose a sunglasses that is larger than your face or does not match with your style and outfit.


Watches give a classic look to a man. There are 5 types of wrist watches for men – dress, field, diver, aviator and racing.

Dress Watches

Dress Watches are worn for a much formal occasion. Style your Dress Watch with your business outfit. Don’t wear a dress watch with jeans and T-Shirt it does not match.

Field Watches

Field Watches are quite versatile and can be worn casually or even for business. For young lads who does not dress a lot field watches are best for you, so you can choose a field watch for your first wardrobe collection.

Dive Watches

Dive Watches were basically designed for underwater use but you can wear it and style it up with your outfit for everyday use.

Aviator Watches

Aviator Watches size and more casual look make them a good fit for more casual get-ups, but not for black tie and formal business wear.

Racing Watches

Racing Watches are flashier and have a bold look. They are more suitable for casual events rather than formal events.


Choose a secondary colour from your shirt or tie as the primary colour for your pocket square. Don’t overdo the patterns, ensure some articles of clothing are flat colours which will accentuate the colours in your pocket square or tie. Don’t directly match your tie and pocket square.


The one rule every man should follow when buying ties. The widest part of your lapel should match in width the widest part of your tie. Visually the tie should be proportionate to your collar size and lapel width. Skinny ties look best with jackets that have slim lapels. A smaller collar would look much better with a smaller knot.


I think now you are done with creating your first wardrobe collection. I hope you are able to get a unique look of your own. Now go on and flaunt your new look everywhere,show your Friends and Parents that now you are ALMOST MEN.

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