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Dressing up for the interview

Almost everybody reading this blog must have given a job interview at least once in your life. Do you remember the first time you had your interview ? Remember how nervous you were ? Even after giving tons of interview, you can still feel the chills when you have your interview the next day.

A day before the interview, there is already a lot going inside your mind. You have to arrange your files and documents, compile them together and also be prepared for the interview questions and the company information. After all this you also need to make sure you look presentable and up to the standard for the job.

It is always said ” First Impression forms a Lasting Impression on people’s mind.” And truly, it does.The first time you walk in the interview room with your CV, he is going to take a brief look of what you are wearing , how you are carrying yourself and even the way you entered the room, and lastly how you started the conversation, everything counts. So, don’t ever go inside the interview room either with a lack of confident or a lack of dressing sense.

You just focus and prepare for the interview, regarding what to wear and how to carry yourself- Leave it to us. We will guide you. So, Let me tell you everything about how to dress up for the interview.

What to wear for the Interview ?

Before getting started, let me tell you some of the company either require business casual or business formal for the interview. So, it depends on the company for which you are appearing.

Business Formal :

If you require to dress up in business formal, the best option is to go for matching suit and tie. A dark coloured suit with a light coloured shirt works best. The most important thing while choosing your outfit is that you look professional. Please don’t wear anything shiny/ fancy. Wear dark coloured socks with Dress Shoes. You can wear belt if you want.

Business Casual:

If there is no dress code, you can wear anything in which you look smart for making a good impression. Shirts and Dress Slack seems a good idea for business casual. You can even wear a tie, if you wish. A polo shirt works fine with slacks and belt. Wear Dark coloured socks and Dress shoes. Suit can be avoided in this case because it is mostly for formal wears. Please avoid sports shoes.

What not to wear for the Interview ?

Most of the companies choose a casual wear for the interview, it does not mean suit should be avoided completely, but most candidates come overdressed in an interview which is a negative factor. Some candidates get a wrong idea of casual and wear too casual clothes, which show unprofessionalism.

  • Blazers work in most of the cases but only if you wear something that covers you completely beneath, don’t wear a tired t-shirt or button down shirt inside the blazer.
  • Don’t wear something uncomfortable, Tight clothing items may give you a great shape but will make you uncomfortable during the interview.
  • Shorts, Sandals and T-Shirts are more than casual even for a casual interview.
  • Avoid looking outdated. If you are off from the industry for a long time, don’t let your wardrobe reflect it. Go shopping, buy some trending articles.
  • Don’t dress up completely opposite from your industry. Unless you’re going into the finance industry or legal fields, why show up in a suit?” says Danica Kombol, CEO of social media marketing firm Everywhere Agency.
  • Don’t wear ill fitted clothes. They might be comfortable much but will not look good for an interview.

Important to consider:

  • The most important thing when dressing up for an interview is to look professional and form a good impression in the eyes of interviewer.
  • If there is no dress code, don’t be too casual- Always try to look sophisticated and professional.
  • Wear something comfortable.
  • Don’t wear something which is torn or not in a good condition.
  • Iron the clothes properly.
  • Polish the shoes a night before the interview – don’t leave it for the morning.
  • Take a shower- be clean and tidy.
  • Be well groomed- trim your nails and even get a haircut(if required).
  • Shave – don’t look scruffy and shabby.
  • Use Wax or Gel to style your hair in a sophisticated manner – I don’t mean some hipster look.
  • Belts are important, don’t show up in a loose pair of clothing.
  • Suits, blazers and jackets should be dry cleaned.
  • Keep extra accessories to a minimum. At most, wear a watch that matches your belt and maybe a tie bar. Again, keep it simple.

Best of Luck for your Interview – Almost Men

Research Credit – Din Mohammad Razan

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