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How Lockdown guided me towards Self-Development?

The COVID-19 Epidemic has caused a lot of inconvenience among all sections of society. The work has been slow, education and jobs became virtual. This lockdown has been a disaster among most sections of society. But I have gained a lot of benefit from the lockdown. I along with a lot of students have got the opportunity of life. Opportunity to grow as an individual and a path towards self-development.

Our hectic life never got us any time to learn anything new and fun, we were busy running in the race of life. Instead of learning what we desire, we were forced to cram up things which were required at the time. I had to study all the computer-related subjects like Java, Python, Data Structures in my classes when I had a hidden desire to write, start, and learn to blog. Finally, I got to fulfill my desire. I know a lot of you are having the same feeling just like me. Finally, we were able to do something that the heart wants, and not something that was the need of time.

This is a golden period for self-development. Now, is the time to learn and develop yourself both mentally and physically. Anything could be done at this time. Take decisions for your life. Do you wish to have a new career, or always wished to change your work line? Start Planning- Now is the right time. Do you wish to learn a skill? Learn to play an instrument- Guitar seems cool. Achieve peace of mind by learning Yoga, and bring it into your regular schedule, even after the epidemic.

Stepwise guide towards Self-Development.

Self-development is taking steps to better yourself, such as by learning new skills or overcoming bad habits. Here I will be discussing the stepwise guide towards self-development which you can include in your life.

1. Make up your mind.

Every human has a scope to improve in life. Anytime in life, he can better himself, he just needs to make up his mind. Your first step towards self-development is to have a will to better yourself.

2. What are your goals in Life ?

What do you want to achieve with your life? Where do you see yourself in the future is the question? Think about that, and plan ahead to achieve all your goals in life. Whether they are career-related or personal. Do you wish to have a loving relationship with your family, but struggle to do so? Now, is the time to work on it and develop your relationship. Do you wish to learn a skill to grow your existing career? Achieve new heights in your professional life. Choose a path through your goals.

3. How can you achieve your goals?

Once you have considered your goals, now it’s time to work on how to achieve them. Choose a method to achieve your goals in life. Work hard on achieving them. Be a better person than before. So, if you wished to excel in your career through learning a skill – you need to decide how to learn it. You can join a course or learn from your friend or an expert in the field. You can even learn yourself with the help of the internet and books. If you wish to leave a bad habit, you need to divert your mind from it- think of an alternative- do something productive in place of your wrong habits.

4. Work Hard on achieving your goals.

Working Hard is the key to success. If you work hard for achieving something and are determined to achieve something, none can stop you ever.

5. Set the right schedule to achieve your goals.

A great schedule can help you achieve your goals sooner than before. You can learn anything and improve the quality of your life by setting up the right schedule. Waking up early every day, exercising regularly helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

6. Remember there will be Challenges!

Self – Development means improving the quality of your life. To achieve something great you need to pass through a lot of challenges and obstacles. The thing is to keep your spirits up even when things become tougher than expected. Even if you are having trouble achieving your goals, you need to keep going on to achieve them. Talk to your teachers, adults, and your loved ones but don’t back off from the things you want to achieve.

Self-development can be challenging but once you are determined nothing can stop you.
All the Best- Almost Men

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