How much we love Two and a Half Men.

Two and a Half men – A show dedicated completely to men and their wild lifestyle. This show revolves around the life of Charlie Harper – a fun loving guy with lots of money, a beach house, expensive car and a string of beautiful women with whom he have casual relationship. This show focus on Charlie’s life, his uptight younger brother and troublesome kid.

The show portrays all the basic instincts, characteristics and desires of a man with great punchlines and humour. Charlie’s easy going attitude, his gambling, drinking and womanizing brings a lot of humour and laughters on our face. Charlie and his brother -Alan duo was commendable. Even young Jake used to lighten up the screen and our faces. His innocence with a bit of naughtiness with double meaning punchlines is evergreen. I can watch the show endless number of times with same level of excitement.

Charlie’s fear of intimacy leads him into various short term relationships and made him very difficult to commit to women. Alan on the other hand was so gullible that made him fall and commit very easily. Women took benefit of his gullible nature. This lead to his 2 failed marriages – paying Alimony to two women, made him live in poverty on his brother’s hideout bed. He was totally dependent on Charlie for his living expenses which brought lots of comical conflicts between the two. Apart from that there are a lot of things to learn from Two and a Half Men –


1.” If you love someone, let them go. If they come back, they’re yours. If they don’t, then you stalk them “- Rose


2. Drinking Alcohol Past Depression – Charlie Harper

charlie harper

3. Just say I understand- it tends to keep people happy.

I understand

4. Family is Everything.


5. How to love your Mother in a unique way

mom i love you

6. Pamper your little brother

get out of my house alan - charlie harper

7. How to handle your liquor

drinking charlie harper

8. Keep your housekeeper happy

berta and charlie harper

9. Be Happy in every situation


10. And Keep Everyone else Happy

happy with charlie harper

Even Your Pizza Boy !

gordon- pizza boy, charlie harper

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