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How to dress like our own Damon Salvatore from Vampire Diaries

Damon Salvatore- the badass vampire from Vampire Diaries became the fashion trend among the youngsters and even the middle-aged men. Ian Somerhalder carried the look so well, portraying his bad boy image in the show. Many fans tried to replicate his look and dressing sense. It’s not easy to match his charms. Here I am to help you guys to get a little taste of his dressing.

What will you need?



Damon prefers black leather jackets in the show. Most of his clothes are black and dark. A leather jacket portrays his bad-boy image nicely. Damon wears a classic biker jacket with big collars and a lot of zippers. He even has a small collared leather jacket called a bomber jacket.


Damon wears all kinds of shirts and t-shirts which include V-neck, crew cut, long sleeves, and henleys. Most of his shirts are well fitted and dark. He prefers plain t-shirts and shirts which look very classy.


I have seen Damon Salvatore in dark jeans and black pants. His pants are not tight and not even baggy. He prefers well-fitted pants- choose slim fitted pants to match Damon’s style.


Damon always wears black boots with silver lining and pattern. Any other shade which I have seen him wearing is probably dark brown which also looks extremely classy.

Daylight Ring

It’s identical to Stefan’s daylight ring, the only difference is that it has a D printed on it. You can get these rings from E-bay or any other online store. For a more detailed article click here.

Apart from his dressing his Hairstyle and charming personality helps to make him look so sexy!

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