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How to Dress like Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan or shall we say the King of Romance. He is undoubtedly the most stylish and dashing personality in Bollywood. The King of Romance has his own style- simple yet elegant. He knows how to impress the ladies. Here I will share with you his ultimate mantra of dressing.

White Shirt-Black Pant-Black Jacket combined with Black Tie

Black is a color that will never let you down. Whenever in doubt choose black. A nice White Shirt in contrast with a Black Jacket and Black Pants combined with a tie, where can you go wrong in that? Just make sure it fits well.

Never Close the last button of your Blazer/Jacket.

It’s just like a rule – never button the last button. We are not that big on rules but this one is followed by King Khan himself. Buttoning the last button makes you look plain, simple, and a rube.

Wear a Bow-Tie Carefully.

Be careful with a bow-tie, it should be sleek, nice, and simple. It’s better if it is a hand-tied not a clip-on. Wear it with a tuxedo

Avoid Square-Toed Shoes

Choose simple shoes just a little rounded and cut off at angles. They should not be too long or pointy.

Don’t Wear Bright Shoes

King Khan himself wears bright shoes but only in movies, personally, he likes plain shoes with a dark shade of black or grey.

Never Wear Sunglasses Indoor

Dark Sunglasses indoors are just untrustworthy and not cool at all. Wear sunglasses outdoors only.

You should keep a reliable tailor

Keep a good and old tailor. A tailor who is working for you for a while knows what you like. Shah Rukh Khan has the same tailor for the last 22 years and he trusts him completely for his clothes.

Wardrobe Essentials

Must to have items in your wardrobe:

  • White Shirt
  • Loose Blue Jeans
  • Great pair of sneakers is a must.

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