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How to dress like Stefan Salvatore

Stefan Salvatore is played by Paul Wesley in Vampire Diaries. He is one of the leading characters with his brother Damon Salvatore played by Ian Somerhalder. Being a vampire in the show, they usually dress dark and mysterious. They need to blend in the environment, being predators of the night. Mysterious is their basic nature.

Many fans just love their mysterious and dark outfits and often tried to replicate it. Here is the guide to dressing just like our Stefan Salvatore from Vampire Diaries:-

What do you need ?


stefan jacket

Stefan wears a lot of different jackets, some of our favorites are black denim jacket which fits and looks great. Stefan wears leather jackets mostly under a black T-shirt (collared or V neck).


stefan hoodies

Stefan wears hoodies on almost everything. We have seen him wear hoodies underneath jackets. You can buy any dark or grey color hoodies. Don’t worry about the quality of those hoodies, because you most probably would be wearing it in layers. You can also go with brown color hoodies, something different than classic vampire colors- black or grey.


stefan v neck tshirt

Stefan particularly wears V-Neck T-shirts, he even prefers long sleeve shirts underneath leather jackets. Grab your plain v-neck T-shirts and get ready for some vampire dressing.


stefan salvatore shoes

Stefan mostly wears only jeans during the show, showing his supposedly high school student character. He wears traditional dark-colored jeans. You can get any of the jeans in a blue color other than the light one. His jeans are never tight or skinny. He prefers a normal fitting.


stefan shoes

Stefan wears simple black boots with a simple silver buckle on it. It looks like traditional biker boots but he carries them well. His brother in the show Damon Salvatore seems to wear the same kind of boots.


Nobody rocks in formals better than the SALVATORE’S. Get a black tux and you’re ready to go.


stefan daylight ring

At last, the ring which keeps him alive in the daylight. It’s a simple and stylish ring that could be bought I think from E-bay or from any other online vendor.

I think I have covered all the essentials for dressing just like Stefan Salvatore from Vampire Diaries. Try it out and I would love to see you guys dressed like him. Do you mind emailing your pic at, I would love to feature you guys 🙂

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