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How to get a haircut during this COVID-19 Epidemic ?

As the world is in the state of despair- due to worldwide spread of novel Coronavirus. Major cities and towns, all over the world were closed down. Lockdowns were organised to curb the spread of the virus worldwide. Due to this lockdown most of the working sectors were closed except the essential services like the medical sector. One such affected sector is Personal Service Industry which includes the hairdressing salons.

With gradual opening of these salons, some people have started getting their hairdressing from their local barbers. Still, some people think it’s not safe now as the virus spread is through contact.

Getting your haircut at home is not an easy job. It’s not a rocket science either. By following our simple tips you can easily get a fantastic haircut at your home itself. So, let’s get started !


Before getting your perfect haircut you need to get all the proper tools you will be needing. You can either cut your own hair or get someone to cut your hair for you.

Hair Cutting Scissors

First on the list is a good pair of Hair Cutting Scissors also called as shears. A right size would be 5 to 6 inches in length.

Barber’s Comb

Next on the list is the Barber’s Comb. It should be fine and wide and the perfect length would be 6 to 8 inches in length.


Mirror are really important to get a clear cut view of your hair to you and to the person cutting your hair. You should have two mirrors, one of which should be handheld.

Hair Clips

If you have long hair, you need to have at least couple large hair clips. They should be 3 to 4 inches in length. Their main purpose would be to hold the hair before you cut them.


Clippers are great to use for much detailed work on the base of neck and the lower part of the head.

Wash Your Hair

Second step after getting all the necessary tools is to prepare your hair. Wash your hair thoroughly – use shampoo and even conditioner if required. Hair should be free of all hair products and should be cleaned. After that dry your hair and comb them back straight again. Now take a seat, cover yourself with a towel or sheet for protecting yourself from any loose hair that will be all over you during the cut.


Start the Haircut from the sides

It’s better to start from the sides. Wet your hair from the sides using your comb with bristles facing up. Starting from the base of the hairline , Lift the hair from the lower half of the head using the comb and start cutting about a quarter of inch every time. Cut very less at a time. Keep repeating this step and go little bit higher about quarter of inch while cutting every time but remember not to go to the transition zone. Move around the head, starting from the base and moving higher a quarter of inch everytime. Cut less, don’t hurry. Keep checking your work after every pass.

Cutting the Top

The next step is to cut from the top. Start from the front and make your way to the back. Pull your hair perpendicular to the head and then cut a small portion of the end. You need to move backward a quarter of inch every time you cut. When you reach the back of the head but not the transition zone, you switch to the left side and again start cutting the hair by pulling the hair perpendicular from the front and then gradually reaching the back of the crown but not the transition zone. After finishing the left area, you reach the right area and follow a similar process. Don’t enter the transition zone.

Now Cutting the Transition Zone

Transition zone is the zone connecting the front and the back end of the head. Till now you have worked on the front and the back of the head. Now, it’s time to work on the transition zone. Use a clip to keep your top hair out of the way. Starting from the bottom of the connection zone. Use the comb technique, pull the bottom hair perpendicular to the head and cut little by little to connect the upper to the lower haircut. In the connection zone we are building the silhouette of the cut when it comes to connection of longer hair on top with the shorter hair on sides. Similar to the lower half, you need to start on from one side. Like, Start from the left and move your way to the back and over to the another side.

Clean up Around the Ears

Use comb and scissor to erase the line around the ears. Be careful , you don’t need to cut yourself. Look for random long hairs, random areas and clean up those areas. Clean up the nape of the neck carefully.

Last step is to Evaluate Your Haircut

Comb your hair in the usual way. Find any flaws or random lines. Hairstyling products like Gel or Wax can easily fix small flaws. So there is no need to worry even in case of any flaws.


Being too Aggressive :

First mistake when you are cutting your hair at home is of being very aggressive which means cutting too much, too fast or too high. These could lead to some serious problem with your new haircut.

Communication Problem:

Second thing is to make sure you and the person cutting your hair must be on same page. You must explain clearly, what kind of haircut you want. You can do that by showing him a picture or video of the haircut you desire.

Unrealistic Expectation:

The person cutting your hair at home is most probably not a professional, so you should be a little easy on him. Ignore some of the flaws and appreciate him for sparing his time for cutting your hair.

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  1. It was must needed for me. Because I didn’t have hair cut since the lockdown happened. Thanks for this. Detailed information will help me to atleadt have a basic haircut at home.

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