Life is all about Spreading Happiness

Why ?

Why do I want to live, if I know I have to die one day ? Why do I wish to be wealthy when we leave our wealth on this majestic Earth only ? These are just the aspects of life. Before the day, I have to die, I will probably notice that I achieved a lot in life, and even notice that I missed a lot of necessary parts of life too. The most important thing, I believe for every human is Happiness.

But how do we achieve Happiness?

Happiness comes to those who keep their life sorted. For leading a happy life always live in the Present Moment, Don’t live in the Past, Don’t live in the Future and focus on the ongoing moment. For achieving happiness in life you need to spread happiness first. And following the universal law of karma, happiness will get its way back to you.

Spend time with your Family !

Family- Most Important Gift of God given to mankind. From your childhood to your Adulthood. Family is something which supports you no matter what. They ignore all your shortcomings, make you feel good in any situation. The joy of spending time with your family is the greatest joy in the world.

Do something that you love !

Don’t go for something people want you to do, Do something that your heart wants. If you are into sports, go for sports. If you are into writing, go for it. Work hard , Write your own book, get it published, I believe in you, you will surely succeed. Don’t be afraid, follow your goals and passion.

Devote yourself to a good cause !

Doing something good for someone feels so good, believe me ! Helping poors and needy fills your heart with joy. Providing something useful to others makes you feel a lot happier. Donating your old stuff to poor, giving a helping hand to old and needy, even helping out your neighbours feels great.

Spend Time with Children !

Children are full of joy and life. Spending time with them, brings you back to your own childhood. It refreshes your mind and cherishes your youth. Spending time with children makes you forget about your troubles in life. It’s that much needed distraction that you needed from all your worries in life.

Reunite with your old Friends !

Your old pals may bring your old days back. School and College friends brings back great memories, Those days when you used to have a lot of fun without any worries of your career and future. You can reignite that spark by arranging a reunion with your old buddies.

Spread Happiness

If you can help anyone out in your life, never miss that opportunity. Your help might bring a smile to a face. Always help poor and old people. Spend time with disables, help them out as much as you can. Help out anyone in trouble. Spread Happiness Everywhere !

Remember happiness comes to those who keeps others happy. Always respect and take care of your parents and your grandparents too. Respect Women, Be kind to poor and needy. Show Gratitude wherever needed, this will have a great impact on your life. Keep Smiling 🙂

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