I Love You

A Love Note to my Girlfriend

Hey Prakriti! I want you to know that I have fallen in love with you deeply. I can’t even tell you how perfect you are and how perfect you make me feel about myself. Even after tons of flaws in me, you love me unconditionally. I felt how much it hurt you seeing me in trouble. Thank You so much for being so kind to me.

You were filled with a lot of negativity when I met you, I tried to make you feel good about yourself. I most probably failed in doing so.

But in the last few months, you taught me how it is done! You supported me in such a way, I don’t think anyone has ever done that. I thought such kind of love is theoretical and in films but you proved my thinking wrong.

I can’t even cover my feeling in words. You have been such extraordinary support to me. I just want to love you and make you think I was worth all this trouble. I want to travel the world with you, make you feel loved, pamper you, and make you feel proud.

You are a unique soul. You are perfect in every sort of way. Even your anger is justified somewhat. The way you treated me when I was weak and depressed. That is the way every guy wished to be treated. I wish I could treat you in the same way.

You are so lovely Prakriti. A gift of life to me. I love to be around you always and wish to talk to you forever.
Even your nonsense talks feel good to me. Oh, I can feel how much I am in love with you. You are the best no matter even if the world is against you. You deserve the best. I love you soo much Prakriti.

You are so careless, So often you leave your keys here and there and then we are looking for it everywhere but when it comes to me, you don’t forget me.

  • Even in our fights, you want to know what I have been up to. Thanks for making me an exception to your carelessness.
  • You are so angry all the time, but you melt so easily when you see me in pain why it’s so?
  • You shout at me every day but can’t see someone misbehave with me even a little. Why it’s so?
  • You show you don’t care but then why do you want to know if I am doing well every hour?

I know you can find thousands of reasons to hate me but you stick to I don’t know a single good reason to love me.

Thank You, Prakriti for being there in my life.
-Your Faulty Boyfriend.

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