Premature Greying of Hair: Causes and Prevention

It is normal for hair color to change with time. Our body has millions of hair follicles which have pigment-containing melanin. Over time hair follicles lose pigment cells causing white hair color.
Nowadays even teenagers and people in their twenties are showing white strands of hair. I am here to tell you guys that premature greying of hair is completely normal and we can get rid of them in several ways.

Firstly we will discuss all the reasons which cause premature white-hair and after that, we will take a look at some methods of prevention of the same.

Causes of Premature Greying of Hair:


If you develop white hair at an early age it is more related to your genetics that you would have expected. If your parents or grandparents had white hair at an early age, this might be a reason for your premature greying of hair.

Vitamin Deficiency:

Any deficiencies of vitamin B-6, B-12, biotin, vitamin D, or vitamin E can contribute to premature greying.

Medical Conditions:

White hair can develop in certain medical conditions like an autoimmune skin condition. This condition causes a loss of hair and when hair grows back, they happen to be white.

Hair Dyes and Chemicals:

Hair Dyes and many chemicals can consist of harmful ingredients and these ingredients can reduce melanin in your hair. This results in premature greying of hair.


Premature Greying can even be caused by stress in life. Some studies show that stress can deplete the cells responsible for hair color.


Smoking can cause harm to hair follicles leading to hair loss. Further excessive smoking can harm other parts of your body causing early grey hair.


Increasing intake of vitamins:

Increasing intake of Antioxidants:

Quit Smoking:

Desi Home Remedies:

Limited use of Electric Dryers:

Get rid of white hair easily, be stress-free there is a solution for every problem!

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