Top Trending Hairstyle of 2020

Nowadays men are equally sensitive about their hair. It’s a very important niche for them. Unlike before, when women were the only one who used to style their hair and make themselves look attractive. Do you know there is good hair day for men too, just like women. Moreover young men are obsessed over their hair.

Wondering about all the latest trending hairstyle? We’ve got it all covered for you.

Long or Short | Curly or Straight | Thin or Dense .

We have a superb hairstyle for each and every hair type.

Here, I will list all the top trending hairstyle for the year 2020.

Shoulder Length Straight Hair

Not only women, but men also prefer shoulder length hair. Long hair is now said to be one of the most trending hairstyle among men as well. It is most suitable for men with a square face shape as this gives their facial features a more distinct look. A little highlight towards the end of your hair gives you a more subtle look.

To achieve a more professional look try packing it up into a ponytail and let it fall on your shoulder.

Curly Hair

This one is specially for men with curly hair. This style gives you a boyish look, making you look much younger and charming. Guys with curly hair can let their hair to grow at least to shoulder length and let it fall on your shoulder. One of the speciality of this cut is the ease to style and maintain the look. This can be worn by anyone with curly hair and it looks good in every occasion.

Messy Look

One of the most popular look nowadays. Even if you don’t have thick hair, this look will still fit you perfectly. This hairstyle is extremely stylish and you don’t even need to have much longer hair to blend in with this haircut. It gives a gorgeous look and makes you look extremely attractive. It’s very suitable for oval, heart and square face shape. Adding highlights to it gives a great touch too.

Brow Flow Parting

This look is characterized by its medium length height with back trimmed hair while the front part forms fringes on both sides. It’s almost similar to the messy look but here, the hair is permed to give a defined shape. It is mostly preferred by men with thick hair. Mostly suited for square or oval face shape. This look is sophisticated yet rugged and is rightly defined as the gentleman’s look.

Long Curly Hair

 Very similar to women style? Yes right. It suits their male counterparts too. This hairstyle can suit any face shape perfectly. It is also suitable for any hair type and still look fashionable. To make the look seem bolder try parting through the middle. To achieve a professional and more sophisticated look, try packing it into a ponytail with the parting. Highlights could be added in the end for the touch up.


This look is very popular and stylish because of the ease to maintain this haircut. Quite common among the teenage boys. It can be easily styled with just a comb and some hair products. Gives you a decent guy look yet making you extremely fashionable.

Long Pixie

As the name suggests, the back and sides are cut down but much lower than in pixie hairstyle. While the front part is very long, this hairstyle is very easy to style and maintain making it a very common hairstyle among guys. You just need to push your hair back onto your head or let it fall down to your face. It is definitely elegant and stylish. Mostly suited for round and oval face cut, although any man can carry it perfectly.

Spiky Bangs

This hairstyle is similar to the long pixie because of the short backside of the hair but instead of fringes on the front part, it is now cut to form spikes. The long spikes which are normally left to drop on the face provide its name. And the special thing about this haircut is that it suits perfectly on every face shape. It helps to have a great first impression on people and allows you to stand apart from the crowd.

Long Curled Front Bangs

Bangs on the first part and the middle part are curled while the sides are trimmed quite low for this fantastic piece of hairstyle. The front part is quite long which covers almost half of the face. This hairstyle is trending in most parts of the world and is considered to be very stylish. Looks fabulous with full moustache or medium beard. It is very easy to style and suits on almost every face.

Side Curls

This Haircut is similar to spiky bangs but with a difference of spikes replaced by curls.The curls are much shorter and don’t fall to the face. It is popular among teenage boys though looks good on any man. It is very easy to style and maintain this haircut which makes it a must experiment haircut.

So get ready to find the perfect look and hairstyle for you ! For more tips and latest trends keep following Almost Men !

Writing and Research Credit – Silver Chenwenwa Nwogu

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