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Trending Sunglasses for men -2020

Style and Fashion are some things which are developed over time. Clothing, Hairstyle, Grooming and a nice pair of Footwear will no doubt provide you a great & dashing look. But what adds a spark in your personality are your cool accessories. A cool hat, a nice watch and a great pair of sunglasses will add complexity and interest even in your plain look.

Science has linked our Facial Symmetry with how attractive someone perceives us. Sunglasses are one such thing which hides any of our facial asymmetry and makes us look far more attractive. On the other hand it protects us from any exposure of sunlight, dust and harmful gases to our eyes. Sunglasses are not just meant for protection of eyes even though its sole purpose was the same before it’s invention.

Sunglasses give a very royal look to any man. It is very well said that sunglasses provide the final touch up to a guy.

“I got 99 problems and the right pair ofย glassesย  solved like 90 of them.โ€

Here I will list all the latest and trending sunglasses of all time.

Scroll down and find your perfect pair of sunglasses.

Apc ร— Persol

Specially designed in 1957 for tram drivers. Got a hype when it was worn by Marcello Mastroianni in Divorce.

Ray Ban

I don’t think Ray Ban needs any introduction. It is a product of Luxottica Group designed by Bausch & Lomb, United States Army Air Corps. Which was invented in 1936. It’s one of the most trending sunglasses in the history of sunglasses.

Ray Ban Vision- Project X

Gentle Monster

 Famous for its minimalist frames. It was designed by Hankook Kim in South Korea. The headquarters being in South Korea, Seoul. 

The Reference Library

Designed in square-shape. It lets you stand apart from the crowd. It is recommended by the medical experts as these glasses has the potential of protecting eyes from the UV rays.


Gucci is famous for its sharp edges. These sunglasses are expensive but it’s worth its cost. It gives you an elegant and sharp look. Gucci has its own reputation.


A completely different design which gives a unique look.  In June, Etudes Studio announced its 11th fashion show to announce their new collection of sunglasses.

District Vision

District vision is one of the most stylish and trending sunglasses in this list. Its D+ water lenses were designed specially for those who were always around water, it also protects from the harsh sun rays.


 Now this is what you must be definitely looking forward to. Originated from South France, it was designed by Simon Porte Jacquemus. The sunglasses was named after his name.


It’s round shaped lenses gives it a best to go effect especially for a vacation trip. These glasses are designed for both genders and looks good on all age groups.

Le Specs Luxe

This pair has a special look because of its butterfly shaped frames. It is specially designed for clearer vision. Every Le Specs Luxe frames are designed with European engineered hinges, benefitting comfortable movements.

Get a frame that suits your face and style. Keep following Almost Men for more tips and styles !

Writing and Research Credit- Amrutha Nair

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