visit for visit is not a good practice

Visit for visit is not a good practice for Bloggers!

When you are new to blogging, the main aim should be to focus on the content rather than the traffic. Most bloggers get distracted from this fact. Rather than the content, they get themselves involved in some techniques for increasing the traffic and views on their blog.
Yes, I know everyone wants their work to be noticed but what’s better – some genuine people reading your content or a lot of uninterested people just visiting your blog for few seconds and increasing your bounce rate instead.

Bounce rate is an Internet marketing term used in web traffic analysis. It represents the percentage of visitors who enter the site and then leave (“bounce”) rather than continuing to view other pages within the same site.


Visit for Visit is just like a barter system or an exchange scheme for bloggers. In this bloggers firstly join some blogging community as general or specific to their niche and after that, they share their links to their blog and ask people to visit them. In return, they promise the visitors that they will visit their blog as well.

Why Traffic is important for any blog?


There are thousands of websites which will tell you why traffic is important. Going straight to the point, traffic is the thing that will potentially bring money to your blog.
Whether you have an informative blog, providing a service, or selling things. Traffic will bring you either readers, conversions, or customers.

Why it is a bad thing to have a high bounce rate?


A high bounce rate is not necessarily a bad thing. A high bounce rate means people are visiting your blog and leaving very quickly. For people offering some products or services that will be most probably a bad thing. On the other hand, even if you have great content, people will find answers quickly from the middle and then leave your domain. A high bounce rate can illustrate bad content, poor design, or a website not fulfilling its basic service. View for the view will make other bloggers visit your blog for a couple of seconds and then leave, hence increasing the bounce rate which is a bad practice.

For new bloggers:

As a new blogger myself, I have learned a lot of things that I would like to share with you. Hopefully, these will help you:

1) The most important thing is don’t try to rush and write for just the sake of writing.

Try to write something of your interest and please focus to write something that will benefit your audience. I know there are a lot of bloggers in this world, hence most of the topics are not unique. Please try to find something unique and beneficial to your audience. If you can’t make it unique then present it in a unique way, that none of the other bloggers would have done.
Find a topic -> Take a look at the top 3-5 blogs on the same topic -> Present it in a better and unique way which will make it easier for your audience. (Remember no copy and pasting(no plagiarism).
Do research well.

2) You don’t need to post something everyday!

  1. Take your time, post frequently but it’s not necessary to post something daily. Work on your content, research well, and then compile everything together.
  2. You can convert your blog into many forms of content. Firstly write a great blog for example “Complete guide of grooming for men”, convert the blog into a video for YouTube, a podcast for people to hear on the go. Post something related to social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so many more!
  3. This conversion will obviously take some time. Working on other parameters like above is important to grow your blog.

3) Find your audience!

Your audience for your blog is very important as these are the people who will or can be benefitted from your content. You can find your audience by sharing your blog in community groups, sites like Quora and Reddit. For example, if I write on Men fashion and lifestyle, I will join groups on Facebook, LinkedIn related to men’s fashion and lifestyle. I can even join subreddits on the Reddit community. After that share your blog links for your audience. For example, I wrote on the Vampire Diaries’ wardrobe, so I decided to share my content on Vampire Diaries Fan Club and got a great response. Don’t ask for views on your blogs in exchange for views as this will bring an uninterested audience to your blog who won’t even read your content. This will increase your bounce rate and you will end up promoting your blog to the wrong people.

4) Its better to stick to a particular niche rather than focussing on everything.

I started with a quite strict and focussed niche but later on tried to achieve everything, which according to me is a mistake. Try to stick with your initial content strategy!

Final Note:- If you decide to provide some usefulness to your audience through your blog, there is a sure-shot chance that your blog will be successful. But if you are writing just for the sake of traffic which might earn you money than you entered the blogging community with the wrong motivation!
Monetising your blog is important but not as important that you compromise the content and quality of your blog.

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