What to wear with a clean shave look?

Clean shaved guys definitely look charming and hot as hell. They look younger and less aggressive than bearded guys. And moreover, clean-shaven guys look classier than ever in most of their outfits. A clean shave is a must in many of the work situations. In interviews, a well-groomed guy seems respectable and presentable than someone who looks scrubby.
So, in this article, I will discuss some great outfit ideas for clean shaved guys.


1) Plain Color Shirt

Clean Shaved Guys definitely look great in a plain color shirt. A plain shirt with perfect fitting can be a great outfit for both casual and formal occasions. You can even wear a tie in the latter.

2) Black Suit

An all-black outfit looks great on almost everyone, especially when you are clean shaved. A black color suit or tux looks heavenly for clean-shaven guys.

3) V-Neck Black T-Shirt


A V-Neck T-shirt looks so attractive on a clean-shaven guy. An add on to this outfit can be a ray ban sunglasses. You can wear blue jeans in a dark shade with this outfit.

4) Dark Coloured Blazer on a light T-Shirt

A Dark shade blazer in contrast with a light shirt can be one of the great options if you have removed your facial hair. The contrast looks amazing and the guys look dashing in it.

5) Check Shirt

Wear a check shirt and checkmate every woman around. Check Shirt gives you a decent guy look and can either make you look thinner or even healthier than normal. It depends on the width of the check.

Micro checkers: make you look thinner
Normal checkers: make you look healthier
Solid (light colors): make you look normal to a bit healthier
Solid (dark colors): make you look thinner

To keep a beard or to remain clean-shaven is totally your choice. A beard gives you a rugged look while clean-shave gives you a charming look.

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