why we love black clothes

Why do we prefer black color clothes so much?

“If it’s not black, put it back on the rack.”

Black is not a color, it is devoid of all the colors. It is significant in its own way. It is the colour of night. Black colour clothes help you to blend yourself with the darkness. But why do we like wearing black so much?
The answer to this question has several mixed opinions. Some people find black easier to choose. Some have a opinion that it makes them look slimmer.
Let’s consider all the opinions.

Easy to choose outfit

Black seems to be a general outfit. It’s less experimentation with your wardrobe. When you wish to buy any outfit, you already know that black goes with most of the things. So, it’s a safe option to buy black than any other color.

Black represents an authoritative image

Black represents power, authority, and discipline. When you work as a leader in any organization, you need to represent an authoritative image. You are a representation of your organization. People and your team will follow you. You need to be worth following, with your work as well as your personality.

Black makes you look skinnier

Fashion changes frequently but black always remains in fashion. It’s scientifical that black makes you look skinnier. It is the way our eyes see the color. It exaggerates the light colors but sees a darker color in the same way as it is.

Black acts as an emotional barrier.

Black acts as an armor between you and the outside world. It protects your emotions, hide vulnerabilities, and insecurities. It functions as a shield for some people.

Black works well with every skin tone and hair color

Black complements your complexion no matter what. Every wardrobe has at least one black color T-Shirt. The magical color looks good with every hair and skin color.

“There’s something about black. You feel hidden away in it.” 

—  Georgia O’Keeffe

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